Auto Insurance and Auto Warranty Guide

What are auto insurance and auto warranty?

Auto insurance is a contract made with an insurance company to protect against financial loss if a theft or accident occurs. Trucks, motorcycles and other types of vehicles can also be insured to provide financial protection against legal responsibility. Insurance can cover the cost of bodily injury or damage in the event of an accident.

Auto warrantly is a service agreement made with a company to cover the costs of auto repairs. Warranties can cover bumper-to-bumper repairs of major vehicle system replacements. Vehicle service contracts and warranties are an easy way to get great customer service on repairs.

Both auto insurance and auto warranty provide reassurance and security to your finances.

Why get auto insurance?

Auto insurance is state-mandated

Auto insurance is required to protect against legal responsibility for any damage you cause in an accident. If an incident does occur, you are not solely responsible for financial compensation or payment. But how to you find the right auto insurance for your financial budget? Learn more about your auto insurance options.

auto insurance

auto warranty
Why get auto warranty?

Auto warranty covers repairs

Auto parts and systems often break at the worst times. Find an auto warranty that saves your finances when a repair is needed. We partner with some the nation's top auto warranty companies to help you find the service contract that covers your auto's repair needs. Find the right auto warranty for your vehicle.