Credit Card Guide

What is a credit card?

A credit card allows a cardholder to purchase services or products on a line of credit. Credit is provided by a financial company and acts as a placeholder for cash. The cardholder signs a contract agreeing the balance placed on the card must be paid off each month. Credit limits determine the amount of money that can be spent in each month and interest rates are added to the payments if they are not fully paid after 30 days.

Why get a credit card?

Increased financial security

Credit cards allow cardholders to carry large amounts of money in a convenient plastic card. Transactions are tracked and cards can easily be frozen if lost or stolen. Credit cards operate on a line of credit and are not tied directly to your checking account. See if our credit card offers meet your financial needs.

credit card security

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Why are credit cards important?

Increased financial trustworthiness

Credit cards can help increase your credit score by showing your ability to continuously pay debts over time. Credit card purchases also help you stick to a monthly budget and maintain the habit of repaying debt within 30 days. Lender Daily wants to help your improve your finances and secure the right credit card for your lifestyle. Learn more about your credit card options.