Debt Consolidation Guide

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is the process of combining mutiple debts into a new loan. The agreement merges debt balances into one lower-interest payment. Debt consolidation is designed to lower and address high consumer debt and other debt balances like credit card bills. Consolidating debt can improve credit scores and help pay off debts faster.

Why consolidate your debt?

Improved credit score

Is your credit score slowly decreasing because of unpaid debts? Debt consolidation could help raise your credit score over time. Making payments over time, on time can help decrease your overall debt and increase your credit score. Paying off the debt faster can also significantly help your score. See if you qualify for debt consolidation.

increase credit score

one monthly bill
Is debt consolidation bad?

Consolidating to one monthly bill

Excessive spending and running up more debt can cause issues, not the debt consolidation process. Debt consolidation can help improve your finances if you continue paying monthly payments on time. But how do you find the debt consolidation agreement for your financial needs? Lender Daily finds debt consolidation offers that meet your financial goals. Learn more about your debt consolidation options.