Mortgage Guide

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is a type of loan that uses real estate or property as collateral. Collateral allows people to secure a money loan in exchange for a pledge of loan repayment to a lender. Lenders partner with people looking to purchase a home in exchange for collateral. Payments are then set in place to repay the loan over time. But how do you find the best mortgage offer for your financial situation?

Why get a mortgage?


Looking to become a home owner? Mortgages allows you to purchase a house without paying everything up front. Interested homebuyers get money in return for the mortgage agreement and don't have to pay out of pocket for the home upon initial purchase. See if you qualify for a mortgage.

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How do you find the right lender?

Let us help

Lender Daily makes finding the right mortgage offer easier by bringing the mortgage offers directly to you. We partner with some the nation's top lenders to find the offer that meets your financial goals. Finding the best mortgage offer can be difficult so let us take some of the stress and get you one step closer to homeownership. Learn more about your lender options.

Looking to calculate your mortgage payments?

Free Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your payments with a free mortgage calculator. It provides mortgage details along with monthly and bi-weekly payment estimates. Simply enter some basic infomation. Let's start calculating your mortgage payments.

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